Police announced an arrest had been made Thursday night in the fatal shooting of Angel Antonio Hernandez, a father of six children, killed in Ontario, according to a news release.

Javier Alex Frias, 37, was arrested and considered a person of interest in the shooting, according to a news release from the Ontario Police Department.

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Officers ordered Frias to come out but he refused mir24.net

Authorities were alerted to a man hiding in a chicken coop in the 200 block of E. Phillips Street. Officers contacted the man and found that it was Frias, who is currently on parole.

Officers ordered Frias to come out but he refused. A police K-9 was deployed and Frias was taken into custody, according to a news release.

Police said the Frias, who had a loaded firearm, suffered bites to his arm.

Hernandez was fatally shot while driving near the intersection of G Street and Vineyard Avenue.
Hernandez was killed while his baby daughter and 4-year-old son were in the car, police said.

Surveillance video showed a car pull up to a Toyota sedan being driven by Hernandez near G Street and Vineyard Avenue. The Toyota could be seen crashing into a truck in front of it shortly after the suspected vehicle drove away.

Investigators said Frias knew Hernandez, but the circumstances in the incident were unknown, according to a news release.

Source: nbclosangeles.com

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