Authorities say they've found two teenage sisters who disappeared last year in upstate New York.

State police say they found 15-year-old Ky-Lea Fortner and 13-year-old Shaeleen Fitch-Fortner Wednesday night in Vestal, near Binghamton. Troopers say the sisters were living with a foster family in Binghamton when they were reported as runaways in April 2015.

источник: facebook
Hellman allegedly kidnapped the girls from a Susquehanna Valley school - источник: facebook

Investigators eventually tracked the girls down and arrested 29-year-old Amanda Hellman on kidnapping charges. Troopers say Hellman is a family acquaintance of the teens, but didn't elaborate.

Hellman allegedly kidnapped the girls from a Susquehanna Valley school on April 27, NBC's Binghamton affiliate WBGH reported. She also actively tried to stop law enforcement officials from returning the girls to their fost home, according to the report.

Hellman plead not guilty at her arraignment in Vestal Town Court and is being held Friday without bail at the Boome County Jail. It's unclear if she has an attorney who could comment on the charges.


Police Find 2 Missing NY Teens, Charge Woman With Kidnapping обновлено: Март 11, 2016 автором: Анна Старкова


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