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Fliers with Anti-Semitic Messages Surface on SoCal College Campuses

Fliers addressed to white men with anti-Semitic messages were found at several Southern California university campuses on Friday.

A university spokesperson said the fliers appeared on several campus printers throughout the day. University police believe the source of the fliers was off campus. Someone was able to access the schools' network-connected printers.

Cal State University Long Beach and USC were among several schools where the fliers were discovered.

Students had mixed reactions when they heard about the fliers.

"Everyone's accepting of everyone else. That's what it seems like on this campus, so if I see something like that on campus, I'd be very surprised and shocked. Also, disappointed, of course," said Grace Ocular, a CSULB student.

"We have differences and that's how we live together, and this is America," said Anas Ahmmed, a CSULB graduate student.

University police were investigating the incidents and the CSULB has taken action by closing off the remote access to all of its campus printers.

Officials also said university network was secure and was not affected.


Photo: flickr.com

Fliers with Anti-Semitic Messages Surface on SoCal College Campuses обновлено: Март 27, 2016 автором: Анна Старкова
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