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Postal workers split $1 million lottery prize

A group of eight U.S. Postal Service workers will be splitting a $1 million Missouri Lottery prize.

The co-workers have been playing the lottery together for 15 years, and finally hit the Powerball Match 5 prize on Dec. 19.

One member of the group, Steven West, said he purchased the winning ticket and was the first to discover the group's good fortune.

The group is splitting the jackpot evenly.

"I got home that night after work. I go online, and I'm looking at the numbers, checking all of our tickets," said West. "I call up one of the guys and said that I need verification. I need you to go online, look at these numbers and call them out to me. He started reading the numbers, and I said, 'Yes, yes, yes, yes! Lord, we won $1 million!'"

The winning ticket was purchased from the QuikTrip in the 900 block of Vandeventer. The Powerball ticket matched five of the six numbers drawn.

The group is splitting the jackpot evenly, with each receiving around $125,000 before taxes. The QuikTrip received a $1,000 bonus check for selling the winning ticket.

Source usatoday.com

Photo livesaildie.com

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