Weather in New York

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The climate of New York City can be characterized as humid subtropical with the transition zone from humid subtropical to humid continental. The city gets 1,270 mm of precipitation per year, which is equally spread all over the year.

Weather in New York in winter

Winters are damp and cold with winds blowing offshore thus minimizing the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. But the weather in New York City in winter is warmer than in inland North American cities located at similar latitudes such as Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. The area's coldest month is January with the average temperatures −2 °C - 5 °C. Nevertheless, temperatures often drop to −12 °C a few times during winter, and reach 10 °C several days each winter month.


Spring and autumn aren't predictable and can be chilly or warm, although they are usually mild with low humidity.

Weather in New York in summer

Summers are usually warm to hot and humid, with daily temperatures 24.7 °C in July and humidity level of 72%. Urban heat island phenomenon influences night temperatures which exceed 32-38 °C.

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