Weather in Los Angeles

Jan 19, 2019 - Sat
Los Angeles, United States
10°C туман
Ветер 2 м/с, ССВ
Влажность 71%
Давление 768.07 мм рт. ст.
День Усл. Темп. Ветер Влажность ДавлениеДавл.
сб янв 19
-/17°C 0 м/с - 0 мм рт. ст.
вс янв 20
-/4°C 0 м/с - 0 мм рт. ст.
пн янв 21
-/4°C 0 м/с - 0 мм рт. ст.
вт янв 22
-/1°C 0 м/с - 0 мм рт. ст.
ср янв 23
-/-3°C 0 м/с - 0 мм рт. ст.

Los Angeles is located on the Pacific coast. This wonderful city with favorable resort weather attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

The weather in Los Angeles is sunny all year round. As a rule, in winter tourists in Los Angeles prefer walks and sightseeing, but summer and autumn are perfect for swimming.

Climate and weather in Los Angeles

"City of Angels" is located in the subtropical zone. The climate is defined as Mediterranean. Usually, in the territory of Los Angeles the weather is dry with a little rainfall.

The city is surrounded by mountains that cover Los Angeles from the winds from the continent. The temperature of the coastline and in the outskirts, which is closer to the mountains, can vary considerably. The breezes, which blow from the ocean, soften the heat in summer and heat air in winter. Due to these oceanic winds the air in a rather arid Los Angeles becomes moister.

Winter in Los Angeles is usually without snow. It differs from other seasons in a way that there isn’t such strong heat. The daytime temperature is + 20 ° C, but at night it becomes cooler + 8 ° C. The snow falls only in the mountains, so people can enjoy it in winter, while skiing on the mountain slopes.

The winter months are more likely to be characterized as the wettest. The precipitations in the form of rain are observed in January and February and last for one week in a month.

When spring comes rainfall is significantly reduced. Daytime temperatures begin to rise significantly with the arrival of March. And in April the sultry heat already predominates. The weather in May is already like in summer. Until autumn all precipitations almost stop.

On the coast of Santa Monica Bay real summer with high temperatures and dry weather continues from May to November. Almost all summer days are hot and sunny. Cloudy weather is extremely rare for this region in summer. Daytime temperatures reach up to 35 ° C. The highest summer temperature is 45 ° C. The temperature drops to + 20 ° C at night.

This is a period of the bathing season and noisy parties on the beach.

In September and early October, the summer is still in the city. Therefore, residents and guests of the "city of angels" may enjoy the warm waves and sunbath on the coast. The daytime temperature varies between 25 - 30 ° C.

With the arrival of November the weather in Los Angeles changes. The rainy season comes instead of the heat. During the daytime the temperature is 22 ° C, but at night it becomes cooler from +10 to + 15 ° C. Such weather in Los Angeles lasts during all winter. Rains give parched ground an opportunity to soak with moisture.

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