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Бесплатные объявления частных лиц в Америке - 2019

Butter Candle (Cinnamon). The aroma of success, protecting the home and family. There is an old legend, according to which cinnamon received its useful and magical properties from the phoenix bird, which was revived from a fire made from the leaves of this plant. Speaking about the magical properties of this spice, one can say briefly and clearly: the impossible will become a reality! It has very powerful vibrations to protect people from evil. Increases vitality and sexual energy. Brings money, success, and prosperity to the house. Meditations with cinnamon oil contribute to enlightenment, help to understand the meaning of everything that happens in a person’s life.
Cinnamon helps to easily overcome failure, optimism, self-esteem and self-esteem. Eliminates the emotions of disintegration: self-pity, obsession with everyday problems, past mistakes, a feeling of being chosen in comparison with other people. Makes nature brighter, brighter and more humane, opens the breath of love, establishes a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman.
Promotes prosperity, success in business, gives energy and healing, encourages the desire for creativity, develops mental abilities.
13 Мар 2019
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