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No Pants Official Subway Ride and Afterparty

It's been 15 years that an unusual No Pants Afterparty will be held in New-York, this time on January 10.

Starting from 3 p.m. bands of young (and older) people go by subway from 7 different stations around NY to Union Square, then at 4:15 p.m. proceed to Webster Hall and keep on partying just for $15 at the entry (+ $10 for expedited entry). You are going to have a unique opportunity to dance with your pantied friends, jump into a bin with 1,000 balloons and enjoy reasonably priced meals and drinks. Don't forget your ID and age restrictions 21+!

Underpants shaking beats from DJ Dirtyfinger and DJ Shakey.
600+ tickets are sold!

Source: improveverywhere.com
Photo: facebook.com

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