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How to take a virtual reality tour of the White House

For the first time, every American can take a “tour” of the White House on the same day — without getting a single muddy footprint on the fancy rugs.

The White House just posted a 360-degree five-minute video tour of the 215-year old building — all decked out in its holiday splendor — that when viewed with Google Cardboard and your smartphone will allow folks to view the experience in virtual reality.

The video is posted to the White house’s YouTube channel.

While the tour video can be viewed without Google Cardboard, it’s much better with the VR choice.

In addition to a few history lessons of the famous building at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the VR tour will also get you a glimpse of all the different Christmas trees on display around the building — and of Pres. Obama’s two dogs” Sunny and Bo.

Here’s what you need to do to take the VR tour: choose the cardboard icon from the YouTube app; put your smartphone into a Google Cardboard viewer, or something similar; and, choose the highest video setting, either 720 or 1080, and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Source New York Post

Photo dailymail.co.uk

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