(CBSLA.com) — A man dying of a rare form of cancer who wanted to see the upcoming “Star Wars” movie got his wish earlier this week.

“The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams called Daniel Fleetwood, 32, to tell him the good news. A Disney studio representative confirmed that an unedited version of the movie was delivered to his Houston home.

Doctors diagnosed Fleetwood with spindle cell carcinoma, a form of cancer that begins in the skin or in tissues that line or cover internal organs, according to Mayo Clinic. Fleetwood was told in July he only had two months to live. He was afraid he wouldn’t make it to the December showing of the movie.

His wife, Ashley, created a Twitter campaign called #ForceforDaniel. The hashtag was shared by friends, family, and a number of the film’s stars.

Disney, Bad Robot and Lucasfilm were responsible for making this fan’s wish come true.

The Fleetwood family has started an online fundraising campaign for Daniel’s medical costs.

Source: losangeles

Terminally Ill ‘Star Wars’ Fan Gets His Last Wish And Sees ‘The Force Awakens’ обновлено: Март 30, 2019 автором: Наталья Николаева
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