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Rihanna's new must-have line of holiday socks

Yo, whoever said that getting socks for the holidays was a bum deal: Prepare to eat your words.

Rihanna, Stance's contributing creative director, has just dropped her first holiday sock collection with the brand. The pieces range from delightfully raunchy to sensual and furry. Here are a couple of our favorites:

The "Fro$t Bite", in Wine (obviously)

This pair of the  "B**** What?" toe socks. Yes, toe socks.

The "Pimp Claus" pair. Speaks for itself.

The best thing about the collection? It won't empty your bank account! Most of the socks range within $18-$24.

Source: USA Today

Photo: fashioninsight.co.uk

Rihanna's new must-have line of holiday socks обновлено: Ноябрь 20, 2015 автором: Hellen Donovan
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