They appear desperate, weak — and girlish.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, who’s been spooked in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination by the surging Bernie Sanders, is trying to vanquish her competitor by playing the chick card — from the bottom of the deck.

And Carly Fiorina, who has struggled, and so far failed, to rise amid the pack of Republicans seeking to compete for the highest office in the land, is playing the poor-me girly-girl card.

Do these two hard-charging ladies engage in secret bitch sessions on the phone with each other at night? (“Hey Hill, try the Botox . . . ’’).

How sexist of me!

But how else to explain the pathetic estrogen spectacle now playing out? It’s an embarrassment to all humans, particularly those of us who bear XX chromosomes.

Hillary and her surrogates are screaming “Sexism!’’ at Bernie, 74, an ultra-liberal, and conveniently male, Vermont senator who describes himself as a feminist, because of two incidents last month that have been blown cynically into crises.

Most recently, Bernie’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver said — jokingly — that he’d consider Hillary, 68, as his man’s running mate, an old political trick designed to undermine a front-runner — and one that Her Hillaryness used against the victor, Barack Obama, in 2008.

“Look, she’d make a great vice president,” Weaver told Bloomberg Politics. “We’ll even interview her.”

The remark was a “condescending insult by a team who knows better,” Stephanie Schriock, president of the female-candidate-boosting group Emily’s List, tweeted shrilly. (I guess that term’s sexist.) And Christine Quinn, the former New York City Council speaker who sits on Clinton’s New York Leadership Council and does fundraising for her campaign, ranted (sexist?) to Politico.

“Seriously? Seriously?’’ she said.

“The absurdity of that statement almost merits no response. How arrogant and sexist can you be? It’s not OK to let people with a long progressive record get away with being sexist.”


Or maybe I should write, Sister!

Hillary herself has been shrieking (you caught me again) on the campaign trail about Bernie’s supposed woman-bashing. It began during the Democratic candidates’ debate, as he defended his dismal record on gun control by saying, “All the shouting in the world is not going to do what I would hope all of us want, and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns.”

It was a gift.

“I’ve been told to stop, and, I quote, ‘shouting about gun violence,’ ’’ Hillary said at an event in Washington, DC, to applause from the crowd. “Well, first of all, I’m not shouting. It’s just, when women talk, some people think we’re shouting.” If Hillary is so sensitive that she can’t take a gentle barb from an old coot, how the devil does she expect to defeat terrorists?

On the Republican side, presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina, 61, is not above using her gender to score points. She blasted the hostesses of TV’s womanly chat fest “The View,’’ who described her smile during the latest GOP debate as “demented’’ and suggested that someone create a “smiling Fiorina’’ Halloween mask. What did she expect from these harpies?

“Let’s see if they have the guts to say that to my face,” Carly said on “Fox News Sunday.’’

“Frankly, I’m tired of being insulted by liberal feminists who talk about women’s issues when the reality is every issue is a women’s issue, from the economy to ISIS to Russia to health care to education to the national debt. Women care about all of that,” she added, failing to directly address the grinning issue. I haven’t heard Donald Trump, 69, complain that the constant ribbing he endures about his hair challenges his manliness.

These lady candidates claim to be as competent as men, but they want to have it both ways — they’re fiercely competitive one minute, then play victims of their own biology when it suits them.

Why should anyone vote for a dame who uses perceived sexism as a political weapon to silence foes?

Each of these women is unfit to run anything bigger and more complicated than a carpool.

Source: nypost


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