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A U-Haul truck driver injured 8 people while driving through Downtown L.A. early Sunday morning after he and crashed into a parked car and a motorcycle, before losing control and hitting four pedestrians. He also injured the person on the motorcycle and those in the parked car; fortunately, those struck were treated with non-life threatening injuries. The driver confessed to smoking weed before the crash, and was booked on felony DUI charges.

A trapeze artist plunged 30 feet to the ground after their partner failed to make the catch during a circus performance in Philadelphia. Chenglong Wu fell into the safety net before bouncing out, and landing in the first row of the crowd. Despite the horror this elicited from the audience, the show, however went on. Wu is in stable condition.

Here are some photos of a Halloween parade on Skid Row for kids who live in shelters, cars, on on the streets of Los Angeles.

No one went to the movies this weekend.

Bernie Sanders didn't *actually* go trick-or-treating. Come on!

This "space rock" seen hurtling through the atmosphere over the weekend is *very* on-brand for the Halloween season: it looks like a skull!

Just gonna leave this one here for the headline: "The Times Greeted Hitler’s Volkswagen Skeptically"
And finally, a thief was caught on a home surveillance camera stealing candy from a home in Mar Vista. A karmic cavity is expected as punishment. Thanks to reader Meritxell R. for sending in the video:


Extra, Extra: Sneaky Mar Vista Thief Caught On Video Stealing Candy обновлено: Август 27, 2018 автором: L.A.Newsman


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