Both the city and union lawyers are refusing to represent a Queens cop accused of forwarding a suspect’s racy photos and videos to his own phone, the Daily News has learned.

Officer Sean Christian is scrambling to find legal representation after Pamela Held sued him in federal court, saying the 12-year NYPD veteran invaded her privacy by accessing 20 nude photos and five videos on her iPhone that were meant for her boyfriend’s eyes only.

Christian was assigned to the NYPD
Christian was assigned to the NYPD's 104th Precinct at the time of the February 2013 incident - nydailynews

“It happened while he was on duty,’’ said Held’s lawyer, Richard Soleymanzadeh. “It happened while he and other members of the department were conducting an investigation.”

Christian was a cop at the 104th Precinct in February 2013 when police pulled over Held because her car had no inspection sticker. After cops found prescription drugs in the car, they arrested Held on misdemeanor drug charges, which were later dropped.

During questioning, Held gave a female cop the security code to unlock her iPhone so she could show police text messages that proved her whereabouts. Police held her cell while she was processed and given a desk appearance ticket.

After Held got her phone back, Christian followed her to her car and flirted with her, she said.

Later, she realized the photos and videos had been forwarded to a number she didn’t recognize. Her lawyer traced it to Christian.

Pamela Held, 28, claims NYPD Officer Sean Christian forwarded nude photos and video from her iPhone to an unknown number.
Pamela Held - nydailynews

Christian told investigators he never received the images, but Soleymanzadeh said Held’s iPhone does not indicate the texts didn’t go through.

Christian, who is now assigned to the 70th Precinct, was slapped with departmental charges and pleaded guilty to them earlier this year. He lost 45 vacation days and was placed on dismissal probation for one year.

“This office has decided not to represent Mr. Christian,’’ said Nick Paolucci, a spokesman for the Law Department. “That's all we can say about this pending legal matter.”

Lawyers for the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association also let Christian know they would not represent him, sources said.

The NYPD said no other officers were disciplined in the incident.

Source: nydailynews

EXCLUSIVE: Queens cop accused of accessing suspect’s nude photos struggles to find representation обновлено: Март 30, 2019 автором: Наталья Николаева
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