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Therapy dogs roaming the terminals at LAX

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - A California airport is taking an extra step to make passengers feel more at home.

About 40 registered therapy dogs have been trained to roam the terminals with handlers at LAX as part of the 'Pups' program, or Pets Unstressing Passengers.

Volunteers say the dogs have a special way of brightening the room and making the airport experience more pleasant.

"I don't see anybody smiling. I don't see the passengers talking to each other or to the staff. When you bring the dog into the room, you scan the room, and it's just smiles from wall to wall. People get out of their seats and come over to you," Marwick Kane, Pups Volunteer said.

Any breed of dog can participate, as long as their temperament can handle crowds.

Source: cbs8.com

Therapy dogs roaming the terminals at LAX обновлено: Октябрь 30, 2015 автором: L.A.Newsman
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