Популярное: Inside The Magical Rain Room At LACMA

An enchanting art installation allows you to walk through a rain shower without getting soaked to the core.
It may not rain often in Los Angeles, but guests of Rain Room—which runs from November 1 through March 6 at LACMA—can enjoy the standing in the midst of a relaxing downpour without the fear of getting drenched.

The 2012 piece from London-based Random International takes place in a dark, 2500 square foot space room full of falling water, but sensors adjust the 'rain' when they sense someone is present, keeping guests dry as they move throughout. So, it's like having your own personal, intangible umbrella. And while it feels magical, it's actually a beautiful blend of art and technology.

The museum is expected to hold about 20 in the gallery space for timed 15-minute intervals, and five to seven people can walk beneath the simulated rain at a time. For the drought conscientious, LACMA said that 528 gallons of water used in the installation will be recycled through a "closed-loop system with minimal evaporation and replenishment."

When Rain Room hit New York's MoMA, people waited in line for hours for a chance to experience it.
LACMA advises that guests not wear dark or reflective clothing as the exhibit is dark, and high heels are not permitted. Selfies are welcome, but no flash. And while you won't get soaked, you may get a little damp—especially if you walk too quickly.

Source: laist.com

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